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Print Your Miniature

Print Your Miniature

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PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PURCHASE so I can confirm sizes with you, and ensure you are getting the option that matches the miniature size you want.

Send me your .stl file and I will print it for you.

Examples of files you might send for printing include:

Customised, purchased .stls from a miniature design website (e.g. Heroforge or Eldritch Foundry)

.stl files purchased from artists via MyMiniFactory, CG Trader or other design websites

.stl files you have designed yourself using 3d modelling programs.


Characters, creatures or vehicles, terrain, models made to different scale, any other custom piece - message me with your file and preferred scale/size, and I'll confirm the correct size option for your needs.

Large Projects of $300 or more will take some time - these will take a time frame of up to 6 weeks from the date of your order.


Printed in Eco Resin - plant based, and a little more flexible/less brittle than standard resin.

Miniatures will be cleaned, supports removed, and cured before sending. Some minimal marks may remain, but should not be visible after painting. Bases are included where shown. This miniature is sold unpainted - any painted pictures are for reference only.

Multi-part miniatures will be sent separately (not assembled) to reduce risk of breakage during shipping. Pieces may require sanding or gap-filling putty for perfect fits - please feel free to reach out for any support required.

NOTE: When you send me a file to print for you, this confirms that you have the right to have this file printed by a printing service.

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2 personalised minis and other surprises

I was very satisfied with the quality of my customized hero forge minis I had printed and they arrived in newcastle in less than a week. The misprinted extras were a very welcome surprise as well.