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Couatl's Hoard

Demons (10 variants) - MZ4250

Demons (10 variants) - MZ4250

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Resin Colour
CLICK FOR SIZE/DIMENSIONS BELOW. Highly detailed, 3d printed resin miniature for table-top gaming, collecting, painting and/or dioramas. Printed in Eco Resin - plant based, and a little more flexible/less brittle than standard resin.


Printed to 28mm scale. These models vary in size and are priced accordingly.


Below dimensions include bases.


Height: 88mm

Width: 161mm

Length: 104mm



Height: 105mm

Width: 216mm

Length: 97mm



Height: 36mm

Width: 25mm

Length: 25mm



Height: 70mm

Width: 80mm

Length: 55mm



Height: 47mm

Width: 50mm

Length: 57mm



Height: 63mm

Width: 50mm

Length: 50mm



Height: 73mm

Width: 63mm

Length: 55mm



Height: 20mm

Width: 18mm

Length: 16mm



Height: 45mm

Width: 63mm

Length: 25mm



Height: 53mm

Width: 106mm

Length: 62mm


Miniatures will be cleaned, supports removed, and cured before sending. Some minimal marks may remain, but should not be visible after painting. Bases are included where shown. This miniature is sold unpainted - any painted pictures are for reference only.


Multi-part miniatures will be sent separately (not assembled) to reduce risk of breakage during shipping. Pieces may require sanding or gap-filling putty for perfect fits - please feel free to reach out for any support required.


NOTES ON SCALE/PRICING Tiny: $6 - 20mm base size. E.g. small pet or baby creature Small: $8 - 20mm base size (or undersized on medium base). E.g. gnome, dog Medium: $10 - 25mm base size. E.g. humanoid, most beasts Large: $20 - 50mm base size (or oversized on medium base.) E.g. horse, winged humanoid Extra Large: $35 - 50mm base size (oversized.) E.g. landshark, roper Huge: $50 - 75mm base size. E.g. wyvern, giant, t-rex Gargantuan: $100 - 100mm base size. E.g. adult dragon, Spinosaurus Colossal: $120 - 100mm base size (oversized.) E.g. Tiamat


Contact me to discuss any changes such as different scaling.


I have a Merchant licence to sell printed files from this designer. Find out more about them and purchase their files at their Patreon: or at
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